Ginger Washer

Bipin Engineers manufactures complete and on-going washing line for ginger which is then processed and used in the food processing industry to create ginger past or powder. This machine is easy to operate and maintain with high efficiency.

Equipped with perforated screen, brushes, and  jet water sprays, the machine 1st sorts and segregates ginger from excess soil and then with brush and water removes all the dirt without causing harm to the product. The motor is quipped with adjustable speed to match with the production cycle

We also create batch type washing unit for small production capacity

Material Used: SS304

Power: 1.75kw-5kw

Finish: Sanitary finish 180 grit


Corrosion resistance

Low maintenance

Rigid Construction

High Performance

Robust Construction

Long life

500kg/hr and onwards for continuous line

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Ginger Washer