Flat Plate Collector Solar System

Solar water heaters in India cater to all the hot water requirements throughout the household in extremely environment friendly way as well as cuts down on 40% of the electricity bills. A solar water heating system is nothing but a heat exchanger. It captures the heat from the sun and transfers it to the water.

Flat plate collector system uses copper / Aluminum 2fins to trap the heat from the sun and transfer it to the water (~60 to 850C ), it is then distributed to utility points via insulated pipelines.


Less than 2 Years payback

low Maintenance

5 years Warranty On The Collector

BIS Marked

External Heating Capability for Rainy Days

Roof Mountable

Minimun- 125 LPD (Liters Per Day), 250 LPD, 375 LPD, 500 LPD and in multiples of 125 ltrs with no upper limit

Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Type of collector/ model with Powder coating Cu-cu/Cu-Aluminium:12.5mm riser diameter with 9:nos. Of riser tubes
2 Collector operator efficiency 68%
3 Size of collector 2035mm(l) x 1035mm(b) x 95mm(h)
4 Absorber area 2 Square Meter
5 Absorber coating Selective Nickel chrome coating/ Black Nalsun Coating
6 Absorptivity & emissivity ofabsorber coating A>92%, e<15%.
7 Insulation Material Rockwool Slabs
8 Thickness Of Insulation Bottom: 50mm, Side: 25mm
9 Thermal Conductivity Of Insulation 0.29 W/mk
10 Insulation Density 48 Kg/meter3
11 Material Of The Box And Thickness Al 16 swg extruded section & bottom sheet of 22swg
12 Gasket Neoprene
13 Faterners On Collector Box SS 304
14 Collector of Box Flangs Brass
15 Test Pressure 5 KG/CM2
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Flat Plate Collector Solar System