Fruit & vegetable washer

Our Fruit & Vegetable Washer is suitable for washing fresh fruits and vegetables. Materials are soaked in the water and are subjected to thorough agitation by means of powerful blower to loosen dust and such foreign particles. The fruits are then picked up by the pickup conveyor and are subjected to powerful spray and fresh water for further cleaning. Overflow water is collected in overflow tank with filter arrangement

Material Used: SS304

Power: 0.75kw-3kw

Finish: Sanitary finish 180 grit


Corrosion resistance

Low maintenance

Rigid Construction

High Performance

Can be used for all fruits and vegetables

Long life

500kg/hr to 5000kg/hr

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Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Product Name
Fruit & Vegetable Washer