Roof Top Grid Tie System

Grid-tie solar photovoltaic system is a system installed on the roof. The power generated from the solar photovoltaic system is calculated through solar meter. The net meter (supplied by the electric board) to the grid.

The bi-directional net meter calculates the net effect of the usage of the solar generated electricity and electricity received from MSEB used by the recipient.system passes the excess electricity to the grid and works vice versa. The Net meter calculates the net energy supplied and the net energy used from the grid for and creates the units for monthly billing.

This system is best suited for structures which have ample amount of roof space and to create self sustaining energy as well as fuel the grid to make the electricity bill as low as possible.


Financial Credit from the electric board

No Battery storage or back up system required

Extra power during summer can be used in rainy days

Can claim depreciation for commercial usage

No back-up system required

MNRE certified

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Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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Roof Top Grid Tie System