Ribbon Blender

Welcome to Bipsun, a leading manufacturer of Ribbon Blender Machines catering to the diverse mixing needs of various products. Our machines are designed with a ‘U’ Shell, featuring plates securely bolted to end flanges for enhanced stability. 

Inside the shell, you’ll find a ribbon screw with a pipe and end shaft, along with two ribbons rotating simultaneously. The outer ribbon efficiently pushes the product towards the center, while the inner ribbon disperses it towards both ends, ensuring a homogeneous mixture.

Available In :

Power: 0.75kw to 20kw
Power: 0.75kw to 20kw
Pressurised or  Non-pressurised.
Pressurised or Non-pressurised.
Finish: Sanitary Finish 180 grit
We understand that different products may require specific blending methods. That’s why we also offer paddle blenders tailored to meet the unique requirements of your products.

As one of the prominent Ribbon Blender Machines manufacturers in Pune, India, our commitment extends globally. We provide high-quality machines that deliver exceptional mixing results. Trust Bipsun to cater to your Ribbon Blender Machines needs, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Features :

Material of any form can be mixed (solid, liquid, powder)
Corrosion resistance
Low maintenance
Rigid Construction
High Performance
Long life

Capacity: 100 ltr to 3000 ltr