Evacuated Tube Collectors

India gets 300 days of sunshine. Solar water heater takes care of all the water heating requirements in the household. Evacuated tubes collectors solar water heating system, is comparatively new form of technology in India.

The technology behind the evacuated tube is based on the principle of common thermal flask, where a vacuum prevents heat loss through conduction and convection. ETC water heaters heat the water to ~ 600 C.

Less than 2 Years payback

Low Maintenance

5 years Warranty On The Collector

BIS Marked

External Heating Capability for Rainy Days

Roof Mountable

100 LPD, 200 LPD, 300, LPD, 400 LPD, 500 LPD and in multiples of 100 ltrs with no upper limit.

Model & Capacity (LPD) Vacuum Tube Number of Tubes
Dia.(mm) Length (mm)
BIP-100 Φ58 1800 10
BIP-150 Φ58 1800 15
BIP-200 Φ58 1800 20
BIP-250 Φ58 1800 25
BIP-300 Φ58 1800 30
BIP Commercial-500 Φ58 2100 32
BIP Industrial-500 Φ58 2100 35
Manifold Φ58 1800 50
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Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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Evacuated Tube Collectors