Kettles Tank

Steam jacketed type with bottom hemisphere both paddle and anchor type stirrer assembly can be provided. Kettles are provided with all instruments like pressure gauge, temperature gauge, air vent and suitable standard make steam and condensate arrangement. Utmost care has been taken to manufacture the equipment which is hydraulically tested to the required pressure. All option as per customer requirement i.e. Fixed type with stirrer without stirrer, tilting, vertical, and horizontal type will be provided. We also provide ‘Non Jacketed Type Kettle.’

Material Used: SS304/SS316

Power: As per requirement

Finish: Sanitary finish 180 grit/ Band finish on joints/ Glass bid blasting finish on outer surface


Corrosion resistance

Low maintenance

Rigid Construction

High Performance

Robust Construction

Long life

500ltr onwards as per requirement.

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Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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Kettles Tank