Ginger Washer

Welcome to Bipsun, a leading manufacturer of complete and ongoing washing lines for ginger processing. Our machines are designed to meet the specific needs of the food processing industry, enabling the creation of ginger paste or powder with utmost efficiency.

Our ginger washing machine is user-friendly and easy to maintain, offering high efficiency in operation. It is equipped with a perforated screen, brushes, and jet water sprays. The machine first sorts and segregates ginger from excess soil and then effectively removes dirt using brushes and water without causing any harm to the product. The motor is equipped with adjustable speed settings to match the production cycle, ensuring optimal performance

Available In :

Material Used:
Power: <br>1.75kw-5kw
Finish: Sanitary finish 180 grit
Finish: Sanitary finish 180 grit
In addition to our complete washing lines, we also provide batch-type washing units for small production capacities, catering to various requirements.

As a trusted ginger washer manufacturer in Pune, India, our commitment extends globally. Trust Bipsun to deliver high-quality ginger washing machines that meet industry standards and exceed your expectations.

Key Features :

Corrosion resistance
Low maintenance
Rigid Construction
High Performance
Long life

Capacity: 500 kg/hr