In 1979, Mr. Revankar founded Bipin Engineers Pvt Ltd. In these 37 years, the journey of Bipin Engineers could be called as a chapter of perseverance, leadership and family’s support and teamwork. Mrs. Nanda has taken up the responsibility of implementing new management technique of Lean Management and 5S program.

Cleanliness and tidiness is what you see when you enter Bipin Engineers factory on Pune-Satara road. Blackened machineries, oil spilled stains on floor, trash and dirty cloths laying in all the corners of the room, is a lay man’s basic idea about a shop floor. But this factory’s scenario is an absolute contrast. Everything is organised and disciplined here. Just like an efficient home maker keeps her home. One shouldn’t be astonished, because currently ‘Lean Management’ program is going in Bipin Engineers and Mrs. Nanda Revankar is looking after the program. She is Mr. Hemant Revankar’s wife and company’s Director too.In 1979, Mr. Revankar founded Bipin Engineers Pvt Ltd. In these 37 years, the journey of Bipin Engineers could be called as a chapter of perseverance, leadership and family’s support and teamwork. Mrs. Nanda has taken up the responsibility of implementing new management technique of Lean Management and 5S program.

Revankar family properly belongs to Karwar village in Karnataka.  His father, Sadashivrao’s financial status was low, but he was very diligent and active. He did many businesses, from carrying package of sarees on a shoulder and sell them in nearby villages to running a grocery store. At one point he also owned and managed an open air theatre.  Ultimately, after taking experiences from many businesses he settled in the business of goldsmith. Meanwhile, approximately in 1940 he settled in Solapur from Karwar.

Hemant Revankar was born in Solapur and also completed his academics there. After passing in 10th grade with technical subject he opted for commerce stream for his further studies. He was an active player and a captain too in games like Kho-Kho and hopscotch (langdi).  In his vacations he would regularly help his elder brother and father in their store. His duty was to carefully pack the ready to-be-delivered ornaments in brown and thin pink paper. In his college days too, he would enthusiastically go to their workshop in his blue uniform to help in making basic or raw designs for ornaments. He was so busy, that the base for qualities like leadership, meticulous and spotless working was establishing and it went unnoticed. On the basis of these qualities he built his business empire completely in a different field and this could be observed from the growing success graph of Bipin Engineers.

In 1975, after finishing studies, Hemant Revankar came to Pune to help his elder brother in his business. Workshop was in a 200 sq. ft area of Naik’s place which was earlier used to keep horse carriages. After 5 years they shifted in a larger place. Mr. Revankar got an experience related to engineering in this workshop. He learnt to develop and manufacture a part for a machine as per customer’s needs, to meet deadline as promised and to recover money.

That time, Armament Research and Development Establishment, a government organization in Pune was Revankar Brother’s chief client. Parts required for developing cannon and other armaments at this organization was ordered from Revankar Brothers. Forgings of parts would be imported from Russia and would get machined at Revankar’s. Cannonballs were also manufactured in the workshop. Government work was in continuum, earning was also regular but maximum work was of development. Work was less for working capital. As a solution to this problem, Revankar Brothers decided to get business from private companies.

Many engineering companies were on Mumbai-Pune highway. From a well-wisher they got their first contract from Vulcan Laval (now Alfa Laval). Their success in manufacturing hoppers for the company gave them regular works. They mastered in manufacturing huge silos used for storing grains and heat exchangers as per company’s requirements. And now employee number had increased from 20 to 50 and workshop was running in two shifts. After that, Mather and Platt-a company in food-processing, Telco company-manufacturing automobiles, Thermax- energy and environment engineering company, and more such companies became clients of Revankar’s.

This period proved very helpful and important for Hemant Revankar. He was learning business, meeting intellectuals and was getting efficient and capable for taking up challenges. He had learnt to get the work done from workers, if required was also ready to work by himself and was getting habitual to work from dawn to dusk to complete it.

In this procedure, he always tried to imbibe as much knowledge as he can. Once, Mr. Raipurkar from Telco Company had taken a tough job and had decided to get requirements from Revenkar’s. Challenge was greater. But, under the guidance of Mr. Raipurkar they completed their work efficiently and also received huge appreciation. Today also he looks up to Mr. Raipurkar as his idol for his management skills. Many such incidents prospered Hemant Revankar’s experiential life. Meanwhile, workload had increased at workshop and under the leardership of Hemant Revankar, workers and staff had also become accomplished. His team could take-up responsibilities and complete them efficiently, this was a great success. Clients would be guaranteed with their excellence in work. Revankar’s had gained a faith from a company like Telco who were taking parts from Revankar’s every alternate day and would begin assembling without testing those.

While flourishing the business, Hemant Revankar was also aware about happenings around. An official at Alfa Laval and well-wishers suggested him stepping in the field of Solar Energy. Traditional energy sources and fuel inefficiency was gradually growing around the world and was a matter of concern in future. Various energy sources were developing as alternatives amongst which solar energy/power was in real sense establishing as sunrise industries.  Considering the situation Hemant Revankar agreed to the suggestion.   He took help of a nephew, Anil, who was experienced in solar energy generation instrument and approx. in 1990 began generating solar energy. SBI helped him to raise the capital for business. Once again Hemant Revankar had shown confidence in stepping into a new field. Anil handled technical part and had also trained workers for that. Hemat Revankar would take care of policies of company, financial matters and working on shop floor. He began manufacturing products running on solar energy like water heaters, lights, etc.

He got their first big order in 1997 from Shivamrut Dairy, Akluj. Another big company had almost got the work of manufacturing a solar energy based instrument for boiling 50,000 ltrs of water. But, with a well-wishers help Bipin Engineers got the chance. Their team showed the loop-holes in the design provided by other company to the Chairperson of Shivamrut, suggested them the solutions and proved that they could provide the better product.  Only the problem was the quotation which was exceeding by 4,00,000 Rs. When Bipin Engineers marketing team was busy dicussing a contract, with Chairperson of the Dairy, Mr. Revankar who was at home in Pune received an unexpected  phone call from the chairperson requesting him to reduce charges. A smart businessman in Revankar immediately agreed to do so. While chatting, he got to know about some common contacts between them and taking its advantage Revankar requested him to increase the budget a little. Finally, the deal was settled and it took 3 months to finish the work.  Anil had completed the work proficiently. The first time Hemant Revankar, went on site was to see the completed work. He appreciated the workers for the work done in time and level. Concisely, Revankar was not only aware about empowering the people working under someone but was also proving it from his actions.

Bipin Engineers was also taking giant steps in the field under the supervision of Hemant Revankar. The company was doing many works successfully like solar lights for Indian Railway’s railway-crossings, for gaugeman’s room, solar heaters for house projects, and more. They had installed solar heating panels at J J. Hospital, Mumbai and at BARC.  Also in 2000, Bipin Engineers had installed instrument in a hospital for providing solar energy to incubators.

In 90’s business was flourishing quite well. With a friend’s help they began exporting products to Australia. This success helped Hemant Revankar to build his bunglow. Today, Bipin Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9000:2008 marked company. Also, a solar water heating instrument of 10 lakh litres/day capacity is installed at Magarpatta City, Pune and is one amongst the largest instrument in Asia. This achievement is marked in Limca Book of Records too. In 1999, they got the work of manufacturing control panel for railway engines from Crompton Greaves, Nashik. This gave him the chance to absorb laser cutting and CNC bending technology.

The developers of Magarpatta Township kept constantly in touch with Bipin Engineers and later gave them work responsibility at Nanded City project. Nanded city project was three times larger than the previous one. The contribution of Bipin Engineers in this project was like a client’s symbol of faith on them. They also installed 118 ka roof-top solar power generation instrument on a friend’s factory in Markal near Pune. From the required power for the factory, 600 units of power could be generated from this unit. This is the biggest unit in Pune doing private electricity generation. Bipin Engineer’s highly skilled work and instruments gave them chance to install Solar Heaters at National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla.

Today Bipin Engineer’s products are not only used in India but are also exported to Australia, Asia and Central East. From the experience in food processing units, today he is manufacturing original equipments for companies like Tetrapack.

Reaching this success point was definitely not easy and simple. Many predictions and decisions were wrong in last 30 years. Like because of unavailability of space technology of Laser cutting and CNC Bending couldn’t be installed in the factory, got deceived in the purchase of new place, etc. These were the shortcomings which pulled down Bipin’s growth. But, the willingness to learn new things, work shoulder to shoulder with workers and staff, being humble and polite to people who have helped and supported helped Bipin to grow. His transparency, nature and simplicity have retained workers working at Bipin Engineer’s from last 15-20 years.

Hemant Revankar is fond of games and exercising. To distress himself, he likes to swim and exercise. He has his faith on Samadhi Yoga i.e. concept of Siddha Samadhi Yoga. He himself has taken its training and had also sent his workers for that. He has always taken care of his work-life balance. The couple is members at social groups like Saras Jaycee and Rotary International and love to spend happy time with friends and family.

Wife Nanda has always supported him. Every day from 9am-5pm she accompanies Mr. Revankar to factory. Their daughters too helped them along with their studies. Their younger daughter Neha was studying management and this personal experience was very beneficial for her studies. And the elder daughter, Priti also got many valuable experinces.

Currently, inflation is affecting the market including Bipin Engineers and they have also shifted the factory to new place. This investment in place has financially burdened the company more. But, staying calm in any situation and taking out practical solutions is the quality of Mr. Revankar. Hence, they have begun implementing programs like Lean Management and 5S.

Today as a businessman Mr. Revankar is satisfied and has goals set to grow his company more. But, he is waiting for his son Prasanna’s debut in the company to fulfill these dreams about achieving goals. Prasanna, who is studying Mechanical Engineering has seen his father taking efforts, chalking out plans and his existence at home and in society. He has seen both the sisters learning from him and mother standing by his father’s side, taking up 5S program in the factory. All the aspiring youngsters have a lot to learn from Hemant Revankar’s life, his efforts and achievements.

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